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Steps In Creating Your Website: Domain Creation

In starting your website, first, think of a domain name or website address.

Here are a few tips in creating a domain for the purpose of this course or future use.

  • Choose a name that is easy to remember, say, and type
    • Limit slang or words with unique spellings
  • Keep it short
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens
  • If you think your name is cool and memorable, it is probably not. Ask someone their thoughts on it.
  • Use keywords to describe your website purpose
    • Example (for the purpose of this course): your initials and general career label. If your name is John Michael Doe,
    • Using the free version of platform, “WordPress” will brand your domain name after the name you establish.
  • Check with Godaddy or any other hosting service to check for duplication. Currently, many platforms check for domain name availability. This step reflects buying a domain name beyond the free
  • Your domain should clearly state the purpose of your website.

Here is a video on creating domains from Automattic, the people behind

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