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Steps in Creating Your Website: Website versus Blog

The term web log was first used during the late 90s, which later became ‘weblog’, then ‘we blog’, and finally just ‘blog’.


Blogs and websites are basically the same but have different uses. WordPress can create both platforms. A website provides information on an infrequent basis. A blog provides a conversation on a frequent basis.

What’s your purpose?

A website is considered static with organized content in posts, pages, and multimedia content. A website’s main purpose is providing information. Websites can be used for many purposes from personal, business, to government.

  • Personal could reflect a portfolio of your work from writings, media, and photography
  • Business and use could provide general information, educational sources, to providing e-commerce

A blog has regular updates or blog posts, like a journal, on a regular basis, and in chronological order. Newer posts appear first. There is no system of organization. It’s simply a display of posts to generate and maintain audience engagement.

  • Expressing yourself or passions
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Building an audience or customer engagement

Your platform can be both. Facebook and YouTube can be websites containing blogs. Twitter, Spapchat, and Instagram lean towards blogging. A website can contain blogs but blogs cannot contain a website.

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