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Adobe Photoshop Basics Part 3: Layers

Layers are the most important elements in using Adobe Photoshop and many other Adobe CC programs. You will learn about many types of layers from the type layer to shape layers. To get you started, a basic definition of a layer is one image stacked on top of another. From this definition, this should kickstart your understanding of Photoshop layers below.

When using Photoshop, many terms will be used reflecting different areas, tools, effects, and more. Click here to visit the Photoshop Visual Dictionary.

Understanding Layers: The Layers Panel

In this section focus on:

  • Viewing and Selecting layers
  • Showing and Hiding Layers
  • Moving and editing Layers

Learn Layer Basics

This video presents some of the organization aspects of layers through moving, arranging, creating, naming, and deleting layers. Tip: Adding any new images to your document creates new layers.

Resize A Layer

Adding Images to a Layered Design

Note: Pay attention to the smart object aspect near the end of the video. You can also drag and drop images into photoshop, a quicker way than presented in the video.

Unlock the Background layer:
Attributes of the Background Layer

Unlocking the background layer should be the first thing you do when starting a new file. When you start a new file by opening or dragging an image into Photoshop, you create a Background Layer. Simply double click and name the layer.

You can also click the lock symbol to create the new layer.

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